White Paper: Unlocking the potential of AI

CRMG and Advai have teamed up to produce a white paper covering AI Governance and Assurance, allowing organisations to leverage the power of artificial intelligence while mitigating the risks it presents

The acceleration of AI has huge potential for enterprise, but it has also sparked concerns about rendering humans unnecessary in many different environments as well as legal, ethical, trust and security issues.

The use cases for AI are seemingly endless and the excitement surrounding it is palpable. But the news coverage, political posturing, existential concerns of AI takeover and regulator murmuring revolve into a single note that we can all agree on – AI brings uncertainty.

For businesses, this leads to questions such as:

  • How can we explain what AI is really doing?
  • How can we trust what AI does or produces?
  • What about the protection of personal data?
  • How can we ensure it behaves ethically?
  • Can we reliably remove the human from the loop?
  • How can we gain the benefits of AI safely, securely and predictably?

If you’re reading this, the chances are your organisation will have posed the same or similar questions while considering its approach to AI.

To help address these questions, CRMG and Advai have joined forces to produce this white paper and provide organisations with the support they need to take a risk-based approach to AI Governance and Assurance.

The white paper, which can be accessed below, covers core topics such as The rise of AI, What is AI, Why should we be worried?, AI Governance, The role of the AI Assurance Framework and Implications for Action.

➡️ White Paper: Unlocking the potential of AI

Ultimately, we believe that AI is a force for good and by following the steps we put forward in the white paper, organisations can act now to ensure their use of AI is fit for purpose, remains within the guardrails that are defined by risk and is subjected to effective “business as usual” practices to ensure it stays that why.

To learn more about how CRMG can help your business embrace AI while mitigating the risks it presents, contact a member of the team here.