Got five minutes? Take our cybersecurity diagnostic quiz

At CRMG, we believe that all businesses should take a risk-based approach to cybersecurity. Unless you have finite resources, and the vast majority of organisations don’t, it’s the best way to protect critical systems and data.  

But not all businesses have adopted this approach, and those that have might not be sure whether what they have put in place is the best fit for the organisation. 

To help companies ensure they’re on the right track, CRMG has developed a simple diagnostic quiz based on our extensive experience of what an effective risk-based approach looks like. 

Questions have been designed to be a bit of fun but are based on some of the biggest factors that organisations struggle to implement well. There are just ten questions in total, so it should only take a few minutes to complete. 

You’ll see that the quiz is lighthearted in tone but ultimately is intended to make you think seriously about your current approach to cybersecurity. 

CRMG offers basic feedback on each question based on the answer you give. If you opt in, we’ll also email a downloadable PDF of your responses and our insights, and then follow up with a short phone call to talk through the next steps. 

Why a risk-based approach to cybersecurity is the right one

Taking a risk-based approach to cybersecurity is simply the process of prioritising spending and resources in line with the cyber threats the organisation faces.

This ensures you are supporting the goals of the business by being able to operate securely in the most efficient way possible. 

Our Risk Genie solution has been developed to give you the information you need to drive a cybersecurity programme based on real business risk. 

Using our web interface, you follow a straightforward process that is underpinned by our Threat and Control Matrix to help you understand, prioritise and address the cyber threats relevant to each of your systems. 

This provides a detailed picture of current threats, and the most important controls and actions needed to minimise your exposure. 

In short, Risk Genie is the tool you need to support effective cyber decision-making from the top down.