Common Organisational Challenges

When it comes to enhancing your cyber security, the task might seem overwhelming, especially with the abundance of solutions promising to solve all your problems. However, it doesn’t have to be intimidating or expensive. Protecting your information effectively is about understanding your risks and implementing fundamental practices.

With CRMG’s Cyber Security Checkup service, we’ll assist you in constructing and executing a risk-based cyber security program tailored to your organisation’s needs. Our team will collaborate with your board or management to establish a governance strategy that considers your unique threat landscape, existing program, resources, and regulatory requirements.

The result will be a practical and measurable framework for implementation, accompanied by a strategic plan for execution, ensuring your organisation is adequately protected against cyber threats.

Keeping your cyber security strategy and programme current is an ongoing challenge. A static, or compliance-based approach that simply aims to implement a long list of cyber security measures as well as possible just won’t cut it. As new threats emerge and business priorities shift, your cyber security strategy will need to adjust accordingly.

CRMG will help you understand the cyber threat landscape in relation to your organisation, and examine each element of your cyber security and risk programme accordingly. We’ll help validate your approach to cyber security compliance too, and engage the Board/ Management to ensure your strategy reflects the risk appetite of your business and the regulatory environment within which it operates.

Ensuring your cyber security program aligns with real business risks requires effective cyber risk assessment. CRMG offers Cyber Risk Assessment, a comprehensive approach designed to provide the insights necessary for informed decision-making. Our methodology, facilitated by our proprietary platform, Risk Genie, is developed by seasoned practitioners who understand the operational challenges you face.

Our Cyber Risk Assessment process is straightforward, supported by CRMG’s Threat/Control Matrix. This framework helps you identify, prioritise, and address cyber risks specific to each of your systems.

The outcome? A detailed overview of current threats, accompanied by a set of prioritised controls and actions necessary to minimise your exposure.

To optimise your risk-based cyber approach, CRMG offers a comprehensive Cyber Risk Assessment solution designed to align with real business risks. Our approach, rooted in pragmatic, outcome-focused methodologies, ensures that cyber risk assessment is understandable to the business.

Our Cyber Risk Assessment process is facilitated by an intuitive visual interface, guiding you through a six-stage assessment. This includes assigning criticality values to your information assets, selecting relevant cyber threats, and identifying effective protection measures tailored to your systems.

With our approach, you can expect:

  • Consistent application of cyber risk assessment across all business elements.
  • Identification of actionable improvements to elevate your cyber protection in line with your risk profile.
  • Prompt response to potential cyber risks, mitigating exposure and minimising damage.
  • Clear, jargon-free reporting for effective management assurance, consistent with broader business risk elements.

If you’re concerned about potential cyber risks from your suppliers but aren’t sure where to start, CRMG’s Third Party Risk Management service is here to help.

Our approach begins with a thorough assessment, utilising a triage method to pinpoint the cyber risk implications associated with your third-party relationships. Whether it’s suppliers or other partners, we evaluate factors such as the products or services offered, data sharing requirements, and contract terms to provide a comprehensive understanding of control gaps and associated risks.

The result? You’ll receive actionable recommendations tailored to your specific needs, enabling you to make informed decisions regarding onboarding new suppliers, renegotiating existing contracts, or terminating high-risk relationships.

Through our four-stage process, we facilitate the quick and efficient assessment of third-party cyber risk. From initial assessment to procurement and legal input, we guide you through each step to ensure optimal protection levels aligned with your business risk.

Managing supplier or vendor risk effectively can be daunting for large organisations with numerous suppliers and limited resources. How do you ensure comprehensive cyber assurance across the board while prioritising critical suppliers that could significantly impact your business if compromised?

The solution lies in an efficient process that allows you to assess each supplier’s cyber risk importance and apply a structured approach to attain the necessary level of cyber assurance. Leveraging our expertise in Third Party Risk Management, CRMG offers a tailored approach to address this challenge. Our proven templates can be customised to your specific supplier types and control requirements, ensuring a swift and effective solution.

We’ll collaborate with you to integrate this approach seamlessly into your everyday supplier management activities, liaising with Procurement to align with existing processes and with Legal to ensure contractual and security requirements are closely aligned.


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