Common Organisational Challenges

Building your cyber security capability from scratch can be daunting, and it’s not made any easier by vendor ‘hype’ about solutions that claim to solve all your cyber needs in one go.

The reality is that cyber security needn’t be scary, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Ultimately it’s all about protecting your information sufficiently based on the risks you face. Some basic disciplines and measures will take you a long way.

Through our Cyber Security Program Accelerator (CSPA), CRMG will help you put the right building blocks in place so that you achieve the right cyber protection for you. If you’ve already made a start with your cyber security programme, we’ll help you refine it so that your business isn’t left exposed by any gaps.

Keeping your cyber security strategy and programme current is an ongoing challenge. A static, or compliance-based approach that simply aims to implement a long list of cyber security measures as well as possible just won’t cut it. As new threats emerge and business priorities shift, your cyber security strategy will need to adjust accordingly.

CRMG will help you understand the cyber threat landscape in relation to your organisation, and examine each element of your cyber security and risk programme accordingly. We’ll help validate your approach to cyber security compliance too, and engage the Board/ Management to ensure your strategy reflects the risk appetite of your business and the regulatory environment within which it operates.

An understanding of your cyber risk profile, and the different factors that affect it, can transform the way in which you approach cyber security. It de-mystifies the cyber threat and enables you to respond in a way that is assured, efficient and effective. In simple terms, it helps you shift from a mentality where you feel you need to ‘boil the ocean’ to combat the unknown, to one where you can make informed choices and refine your approach in line with your specific requirements.

CRMG’s latest product, Risk Genie, will take you through a step-by-step process to assess the cyber risk faced by your key information systems. Once that’s done, we’ll work with you to review the results using intuitive visual reporting, and identify improvements to your cyber security approach that will have the biggest effect in reducing your cyber risk exposure.

Effective cyber risk assessment is crucial in protecting the modern enterprise, but many organisations struggle to implement an effective and repeatable approach. Too often cyber risk managers have to grapple with methodologies that are overly complex, difficult to apply consistently and fail to support effective decision-making.

Drawing on the capabilities of our Risk Genie platform, CRMG will help you achieve a significant uplift in your cyber risk assessment capability. We’ll work with you to understand the risk architecture of your organisation so that cyber risk management doesn’t operate in a vacuum. We’ll implement a cyber risk assessment approach that is accurate and straightforward to apply, produces a range of management-friendly outputs, and integrates with your enterprise-wide risk management approach. Risk Genie can even accommodate multiple customised threat and control libraries as needed.

Effective cyber security isn’t just about securing your own business, it includes every other business you work closely with. The reality is that if your suppliers aren’t as diligent as you in implementing sound cyber security practices, you might well be letting a cyber attack in through the back door.

Through our Vendor Cyber Risk Manager (VCRM) approach, CRMG will apply a structured process to help you assess your key suppliers and partners for cyber risk, and liaise with them to ensure the right level of protection with respect to services they deliver to you, so that back door is kept firmly shut.

Effective supplier or vendor risk assurance is a headache for large organisations with hundreds (or even thousands) of suppliers, but limited procurement and security resources. How do you achieve an acceptable level of cyber assurance across the board, while devoting sufficient attention to critical suppliers that could severely impact your business if they were to be compromised?

The answer is an efficient process that enables you to filter each supplier by their importance from a cyber risk perspective, and then apply a structured approach to achieve the appropriate level of cyber assurance. Drawing on our Vendor Cyber Risk Manager (VCRM) technique, CRMG will help you implement exactly that, using proven templates that can be tailored to your own supplier types and control requirements to achieve a swift and effective solution. We’ll even help you liaise with Procurement to ensure the approach is well integrated with everyday supplier liaison activity, and with Legal to ensure that contracts and supplier security requirements are tightly aligned.

Control assurance in cyber security is still largely based on point-in-time assessments that are manual, expensive, invasive to the business, and difficult to orchestrate and consolidate. Many organisations merely ‘go through the motions’ to assess the state of their security controls because they know they should do it as a matter of good practice, but are ill-prepared to draw meaningful conclusions that truly improve management decision-making.

This is where ICAS (Information and Cyber Assurance Suite) comes in. Developed in collaboration with our partner Caveris, ICAS delivers continuous, automated controls assurance in a way that equips you to make good decisions, fast. Additionally, because ICAS incorporates CRMG’s comprehensive Threat / Control Matrix, it indicates the extent to which your information assets are likely to be exposed to a range of specific cyber threats, improving situational awareness when it comes to your cyber risk profile.

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