Case Study: International Law Firm

Learn more about how CRMG helped a prestigious law firm specialising in construction and insurance law secure ISO 27001 certification.

ISO 27001 certification is now a must for many organisations, especially those that gather and store large volumes of sensitive data.

This globally recognised certification can be granted to businesses in a wide range of industries, and at CRMG we had the pleasure of working with an international law firm specialising in construction and insurance law in its effort to apply for and achieve ISO 27001 certification.

The company was mature in its approach to cybersecurity but knew it had work to do if it was to meet the requirements needed for approval.

An essential step in achieving ISO 27001 certification is having an Information Security Management System (ISMS) that applies to the enterprise and covers offices, people, assets and third parties. When the company approached us, it did not have an ISMS in place.

There were other challenges to overcome, too. The geographies in the scope of the company’s ISMS were diverse with each having its own local business demands and different levels of cybersecurity maturity. There was also a need to highlight the benefits of gaining commitment and motivation for certification from the different business units.

To learn more about how CRMG worked with the international law firm to support its ISO 27001 certification, and the result of the collaboration, read the full case study below.

➡️ CRMG Case Study

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