Case Study: Family-owned hotel group

Learn how CRMG helped a hotel group improve resilience amid a rise in cyber-attacks against hospitality businesses.

Businesses operating in the hospitality sector are among the most likely to be subject to a cyberattack due to the personal and financial information they hold on guests.

We were contacted by a family-owned hotel business with a diverse portfolio including 30 properties featuring spas, bars, restaurants, conferences, meetings and event spaces, as well as standalone bars and restaurants.

The group wanted to undertake an independent assessment of its cyber security maturity amid this rise in attacks against hospitality businesses.

The company understood the need to be cyber resilient but felt it had areas of vulnerability it had not addressed as well as some areas that didn’t align with industry best practices. This was certainly the case for the personal data it held on its customers.

To learn more about how CRMG worked with the family-owned hotel group to improve its approach to cyber security and strengthen resilience, read the full case study below.

➡️ CRMG Case Study

CRMG advocated taking a risk-based approach to cyber security, allowing businesses to identify the greatest threats and risks so that they can divert the required resources to mitigate them.

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