Case Study: Data provider

Learn how we helped a leading data, product and service provider to the world’s leading asset management firms take control of supplier risk

The business-critical suppliers you work with can present a tremendous cyber security risk to your own organisation.

This is what led a leading data, product and service provider to the financial industry to contact CRMG over concerns its suppliers were at high risk of a ransomware attack.

The company in question uses real-time data to create niche financial products that support investor decisions. It provides these services and products to more than 90% of the top 20 global asset management firms.

But it is dependent on working with third-party suppliers for a range of services including bespoke software and market data. As such, it needed to understand the true cyber capabilities of the critical suppliers it works with.

Real-time data is key to the company providing its products and services to its clients. Should a supplier be taken out with a ransomware attack, it would not be able to continue to service its own customers, causing financial loss and reputational damage.

CRMG was tasked with determining the cyber maturity of each critical supplier and in particular the vendor’s ability to prevent, detect and respond to a ransomware attack.

To learn more about how we did this, read the full case study below.

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