Cyber security assurance.
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Gain 360° visibility of cyber security across your organisation.

Introducing ICAS

ICAS monitors the status of cyber security controls across your organisation in real time, reporting and alerting you to exceptions via an intuitive dashboard.

It tracks your potential exposure to cyber-related threats including ransomware, DDoS or data theft, and your compliance with control frameworks such as ISO 27001 and the NIST Cyber Security Framework.

In addition, ICAS enables you to measure the cyber security status of key vendors on an ongoing basis.

The result — consistency and accountability across your cyber security programme, minimising risk throughout the business.

Reduce overhead through orchestration and automation

Prevent errors, increase frequency and free up manual resources

Make more informed decisions, based on empirical evidence

Simplify the audit process and maintain evidence in a blockchain ledger

Apply structure, order and rigour to the management of cyber security

Streamline management and reporting (multiple) standards and regulations

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How it works

  • We’ll work with you to identify the control frameworks (either ‘out of the box’ or customised) against which you wish to monitor and report assurance.
  • We’ll assist your technical staff to configure ICAS so that it monitors control performance across your infrastructure in real time. For non-technical management controls, we’ll help you implement automated compliance checks in ICAS.
  • For our managed service customers, we’ll continuously analyse and interpret your control performance data to deliver regular, actionable management reporting. For our non-managed service customers, we’ll train your staff in how to make the most of ICAS outputs on a daily basis.
  • We’ll remotely manage the software and configuration over time, applying any changes needed as your business and infrastructure scale.

How it helps

ICAS provides a risk-framed oversight of cyber security compliance across your business — via a single visual interface — giving you:

Real-time confirmation that your cyber security measures are operating as intended.

Confidence that your systems are protected from key cyber threats such as ransomware.

Lower operational costs through automation, while freeing up resources and skilled staff.

Ongoing compliance with recognised standards, so you’re always audit-ready.

Continuous intelligence, allowing you to make informed risk management decisions.

If that’s where you want to be, let’s talk about how we get there.

ICAS in practice — IT services

A managed IT service provider​ implemented ICAS to demonstrate the strength of the cyber security measures applied to their high-value clients’ outsourced infrastructure.

CRMG configured ICAS to monitor cyber controls for each client in a separate container, enabling the MSP to deliver meaningful reporting at both detailed and consolidated levels. Clients can log in to ICAS themselves and view real-time dashboards showing their current cyber security control status and threat exposure.

The result — the MSP is able to offer clients and regulators complete visibility of their cyber security arrangements, resulting in greater customer confidence and perception of value.

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ICAS in practice — insurance

A large insurance company with complex technical infrastructure​ implemented ICAS to gain full visibility of the extent to which information assets were being secured, and monitor compliance with multiple standards.

CRMG configured ICAS to monitor the company’s infrastructure using separate containers for each business unit, enabling flexible reporting. Connectors with each technology and security product give a holistic view of the status of installed technology. ICAS also tracks compliance against multiple standards frameworks for more effective reporting.

The result — management receives regular updates on control implementation, and is able to drill down into the detail as needed. Decision-making is informed by an accurate view of potential threat exposure.

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ICAS is built for any organisation that needs constant visibility of its cyber security environment.

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